School Photo Orders

This year, St Michael’s portraits were done by HotShot Portraits.  At HotShot Portraits we have always felt that parents should not only be able view their student’s pictures before they place an order – but they should also have a choice of portraits from which to choose. The proof/order envelopes displaying three of the best images of your student and ordering instructions were sent home with students the week of October 30.

School Portrait Ordering options

There are two ordering options available.

The first option is to order online.  Online ordering is available as soon as the proofs are received – and includes expanded options and additional purchase packages.  Mix and match packages, where elections from one, two or all three proofs may be combined are very popular.  There are also black and white, sepia and color print choices.  Digital options are available for immediate download and the class pictures may also be viewed.   Important Note: There are  special packages available online – be sure to take a look at those!

There will be individual security at the website   When prompted for your individual student password, use the unique password printed on your proof/order form next to your student’s proof images.  Please Note:  All class pictures (regular and goofy) are in a separate gallery called ‘ALL CLASS PICTURES’ – password for access is:  CPIX

For print orders made online there are a variety of shipping options available- from overnight to 5-7 days.  Orders are shipped directly to the address that has been specified – usually the student’s home address.

The second option is to mail in your order.  The proof/order form also serves as the return envelope for orders that may be mailed directly to HotShot Portraits.  Payment should be enclosed and the purchase selections are indicated on the form.  Completed orders are shipped in approximately four weeks.

Please try to complete your school portrait order by Nov 13th  for best pricing.  Note: For two-household  families or if your proof/order form has been misplaced, contact Customer Service for access to your student’s gallery of proofs.

HotShot Portraits Customer Service

415-457-7000 or via email at